Big Paw Guestbook & Booking System

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Big Paw is an internal booking system for pet-care professionals and facilities.

Big Paw is an all-in-one Notion template covering the digital aspects of a pet-care business. If you are a pet-care professional, it will be a valued part of your daily work life in no time with its handy features.

Use the Big Paw template to:

  • Run your pet-care business efficiently on your favourite tool, Notion.
  • Record bookings, manage tasks, add updates, calculate pricing,
  • Keep a detailed record of your pet clientele,
  • Keep a directory of your customers (a.k.a. Parents),

Big Paw Booking System is ideal for:

  • Boutique Dog Hotels
  • Pet Daycare Facilities
  • Pet Sitters
  • Dog Walkers
  • Pet Groomers

The template includes the following: 

  • Guest Directory
  • Parent Directory (Customers)
  • Booking Calendar
  • Journal
  • Template Guide

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Can I share this template with my team?
You can use this template on a personal account or share it with your team on a shared/team workspace. It is also team-ready with the Person properties in Journal and Booking Calendar databases. However, I discourage you from selling or distributing it in any other way.

Do you provide customisation support?
You may want to use the Big Paw Booking System as a base template and customise it to suit your requirements and preferences. If you need help with customisation, I can help.
After you buy and duplicate the template, open the Template Guide. At the bottom of the page, you will see details about customisation requests. You can contact me when you're ready.

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Big Paw Guestbook + Booking System (Notion Template)

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Big Paw Guestbook & Booking System

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